Modern Methods of Construction


Tried and Tested Technology – Although MgO SIPs are relatively new to the UK, they have been extensively used in Japan, the USA, Canada and Australia for many years. The product is used in most applications as an efficient alternative and to improve upon similar construction products such as OSB/Timber, Gypsum and Cement based construction boards

Structural Strength – MgO SIPs are strong, impact resistant, durable and robust, with point loads being distributed throughout the structure. A completed shell structure is up to 5 times stronger than a conventional timber frame structure of the same size and is a suitable product for use in areas of high humidity, exposure to earthquakes and hurricanes.

Sustainable Construction – The SPT MgO SIPs system is a sustainable method of construction. MgO boards have a very low carbon footprint and can be recycled and repurposed. Using the connection system requires 50% less timber than a traditional timber frame and up to 90% less timber than OSB SIPs.

Ease and Simplicity of Build


Faster Build, Fewer Delays – The SPT build system means the full building envelope is completed in considerably less time than traditional construction methods. Measured in days – rather than weeks or months. What’s more, as the SIPs are cut to precise dimensions, they provide more control throughout the build process and reduce the need for remedial works.

Precisely Engineered Components – Our MgO SIPs and connection system is precisely cut, with all Quality Assurance/Quality Control checks being carried out prior to leaving the factory to ensure they fit accurately onsite. All windows and door openings are pre cut making the overall build process faster.

Year Round Construction – MgO SIPs are highly water and frost resistant, meaning your project can be constructed in all weather conditions. Panels are supplied in manageable sizes, making it easier to install in high winds.

Superior Performance Quality


Superior Materials – SPT panels are made using the highest quality materials from the worlds leadind suppliers. Our Magnesium Oxide Boards are Grade A plus premium. The insulation PUR foam core is Elastapor H PUR and is manufactured by BASF, with all treated timber being sourced from FSC Certified Suppliers.

Fully Integrated Connection System – Our fully patented connection system has been developed and engineered to ease the panel-to-panel connection and to ensure minimal thermal bridging.

Minimise Thermal Bridging – SPT components have been designed and thermally engineered to integrate easily with the MgO SIPs. They provide connections for panel-to-panel, rim board, wall head, roof ridge construction, window and door installation. All are manufactured to precise tolerances for ease of installation and are designed to minimise thermal bridging.

Maximum Airtightness – The connection components have been designed to provide a quick and easy method of constructing the building envelope, resulting in minimal air leakage and heat escaping from the building. Our connection system reduces the need for expensive site applied tapes and gaskets.

Precision Manufacturing, High Quality of Build – Precision manufacturing and cutting of  the panels and connection components is carried out under factory conditions operating to ISO 9001:2015 Standards, with strict Quality Assurance and Quality Control. This guarantees that when materials are delivered to site they can be erected quickly and easily, providing exceptional build quality

Design Freedom and Compliance


Flexibility of Design – The SPT build system can be used to construct virtually any form of building style, from the traditional to modern contemporary designs. Standardised panel sizes and connection components allow for extreme ease and flexibility of configuration.

Flexibility of External Finishes – Using MgO SIPs takes care of the structural and thermal element of the building envelope. It allows for a wide range of finishes to be applied, including render, brick slips, timber cladding, composite panel and even stone.

Design Details and Adherence to Plans – As panels are precision manufactured in the factory, they can be assembled quickly and accurately when they reach site. This ensures the finished building will adhere to the original dimensions as planned. Additionally architectural features such as dormers aren’t left to chance. They able to be manufactured and fitted on site without error.

Unique Protection


Unrivalled Fire Protection – SPT MgO panels provide a far superior fire protection than OSB SIP Panels and timber frame build systems. Performing to Class A1 EN 13501-1 fire rating.

High Water resistance – Unlike OSB, plasterboard and plywood, SPT MgO panels provide an excellent level of water resistance.

Zero – Delamination – MgO board is a mineral based building product, it is homogenous and there will therefore be no delamination over time.


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