Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) are at the core of the SPT Advanced Building System.

The outer structure of the SPT SIP panel system is Class A Grade, Chloride Free, Magnesium Oxide, which is highly water resistant, fireproof and extremely strong. The thermal core comprises Elastapor® H PUR foam insulation, developed with world market leaders BASF.

SPT MgO SIP panels are manufactured in a highly controlled factory environment, working to ISO 9001-2015 standards, to produce one of the most advanced performance build systems available on the market today.

SPT SIP panels are the perfect solution for rapidly constructing thermally efficient, airtight buildings. Our panels can be used for external and internal walls, roofs and intermediate floors in virtually any design and application.

The panels are very easy to erect on site and typically allow the building envelope to be constructed to wind and watertight state within days of delivery to site.


Construct virtually any style of building from the traditional to the contemporary. Each building supplied will have been structurally designed by our engineers. Standardised panel sizes and connection components allow for extreme ease and flexibility of configuration.


Thermal Efficiency

The excellent thermal performance of SPT SIP panels combined with their ability to minimise thermal bridging and maximise thermal air tightness, means that high levels of performance can be easily achieved using our build system.



SPT SIP panels allow for a wide range of finishes to be applied, including render, brick-slip, timber cladding, composite panel or even stone.

Time Saving & Safety

The SPT integrated build system dramatically reduces construction time and labour costs. The assembly of the building structure is typically measured in days rather than weeks or months. It is far easier to accurately predict completion times, reductions in on-site work, site deliveries, heavy materials and wastage all leading to improved site efficiency and safety.


Ease Of Construction

SPT panels are precision manufactured off-site, they go together quickly and accurately on-site. This means the finished building will adhere to the original dimensions planned, within a very tight tolerance. It is relatively simple to erect, requires no wet trades and has low wastage which allows for accurate fixed costs. External and internal follow on trades can start work sooner and the build system offers a weather tight shell helping you complete faster.

Benefits for Builders & Architects

  • The SPT integrated build system dramatically reduces the construction time and labour required.
  • The assembly of the building structure is typically measured in days rather than weeks or months. 
  • It is easier to accurately predict completion times.
  • It is simple and easy to erect and requires no wet trades.
  • Low wastage allowing accurate costing.
  • Internal and external trades can work concurrently increasing the speed of the build. 
  • Weather-proof panels can be used in construction all year round. 
  • Less equipment and material required onsite.

Benefits For Buyers

  • Extremely Strong Structure – SPT SIP constructions are known to be stronger than traditional timber build homes especially when faced with extreme weather conditions and high winds. Our products allow for year round construction
  • Lower Energy Bills – The outstanding thermal properties of the panels combined with the excellent airtight capabilities of the build ensure that the internal temperature of the building remains consistent, and is quick to heat and extremely energy efficient. 
  • More Space – The panels are thinner than conventional construction methods allowing more living space for the same size build, as well as providing additional roof space as there are no trusses.
  • Environmental Sustainability – Building with SIPs produces less waste than with other building techniques. Very little energy is used during the SIP manufacturing process. Sips use up to 50% less raw timber in the construction, compared to conventional timber framed buildings.
  • Excellent Sound Proofing Properties – SIP’s have excellent acoustic properties resulting in the buildings being quieter to live in.


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