SIPs – Frequently Asked Questions

We love talking about SIPs and the benefits of the SPT system, so would love to hear from you. In the meantime, here are a few answers to the questions we hear the most from prospective clients.

What are Structural Insulated Panels?

SPT Structural Insulated Panels are modern method of construction that utilises two structural boards that sandwich between them a state of the art highly insulating PUR foam core. The foam in our SIPs is supplied to a unique formula, blended especially for us by global leaders in the technology BASF.

Our structural facings are Magnesium Oxide, or MgO as it is more commonly known. MgO is vastly superior as a construction element in almost every way to the OSB board facings used by most of our competitors. 

Where are your SIPs Manufactured?

Following our group restructure in November 2019, our primary manufacturing facility is located in Driffield, East Yorkshire, UK.

All panels and connections supplied in the UK and Europe will now be supplied from the UK. For projects further afield, from time to time we may supply from facilities belonging to our parent company Kepi International Solutions, from their various global locations.

What are the key benefits of using SPT SIP's?

SPT SIP’s offer the following benefits:

  • Incredibly good U values, capable of achieving passive house standards with the correct design.
  • Rapid build capability, reducing the construction time of a typical house by more than 50%
  • Reduced energy consumption for the life of the building compared to conventional builds.
  • Can be erected by the self builder following training at our facility.

Is the SPT SIPs system acceptable to building control?

Yes – Our system has a full European Agrement, and holds LABC approval. Our system is suitable for use throughout the UK and many other parts of Europe. 

If you would like copies of any of our product certifications, please let us know and we will happily forward them on to you.

Is building with SPT SIPs a cheaper option than conventional builds?

A well planned and managed SIP’s build will offer you a saving over conventional construction.

Whilst the material cost may be comparative, SIP’s construction cuts right down on wet trades, it offers quicker construction, and its vastly superior thermal capabilities mean that you will save money for as long as you occupy the building.

How big can my SPT SIP's build be?

Our Current Agrement covers builds up to 600 square meters and three stories whilst being self supported.

However. with additional structural elements, we can design / build any size of building that you would like.

In Taipei, Taiwan, Magnesium oxide SIPs can be found on all 101 stories of Taipei 101, currently the second tallest building in the world. MGO sheathing was used on the inside and outside of all walls, fireproofing beams and as the sub-floor sheathing.

Are SIPs a proven building system?

Used in construction since 1935, SIPs are easily assembled, structural, durable, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and quick to assemble on site.

Many buildings constructed in the pioneering days of the 1930’s are still in service today, fairing as well as any of the buildings of the area built by more conventional means.

SIPs are amongst the most popular methods of construction in use today in America, and many European countries.

I want an SPT SIPs build, but my architect isn't familiar with it.

We are here to help. We don’t just sell panels, we design the system to suit your needs. We work with Architects on a daily basis to convert their designs into SIPs reality.

Our in house technical team can provide you with a full panel design, which follows the design all the way through to delivery to site, where it forms the assembly instruction documentation.

We will liase directly with your architect to make sure you get exactly what you want.


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